Using the ptCoordinate component I can see that the Z value behaves like the W/normal vector of the sruface.

But do the values X and Y match the U and V vectors of the surface at the points where the X and Y value are taken?

It does not look like so..

I wonder then if the Z value is a precise normal vector or something else. Is maybe the normal of the plane passing from the 3 closest grid point? if so does it always match the normal of the surface at the origin of the plane?

Do you have any example on how to get the UV vector at any point of the PanelingTool grid?



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Hi Sergio,

You are right. The z is the only vector that uses the surface and is set to that surface normal at the point.

X and Y in the output of the ptCoordinate component are the vectors to the next grid point in the i and j directions. Keep in mind that the grid on a surface might not follow the surface domain.

If you have the surface and the point, then you can evaluate the point on the surface and get the tangents in u and v directions (use EvalSrf the DePlane). See the image.


Thanks Rajaa,

but how do I get the UV value for every point of the grid created in PanelingTools?

Is there a component in PanelingTools that gives this output?

Or the only way is to split the domain of the surface parallel to the PT grid component as in the image attached?


You can use the surface closest point component. See attached.




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