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I would like to request if someone can help me with a methodology to tag the edges of all the panels of my free form surface automatically after I use ptunrollsurface command in Paneling Tools (Rhino5) such that they do not lie on the edge but inside their respective planes aligned to the edge of the panel, which would enable us to keep the tag during laser cutting of panels and thus help in quick fabrication.


I have searched through google and numerous fabrication blogs, however no one has really elaborated on such methodology. Also when I use ptunrollfaces command in Rhino 5 with settings >explode - no

> bounding box

> label - yes

> Spacing Value - 10


it altough tags the planes, however overlaps them while unrolling.


Another queer thing happens when I use the same setting with fixed spacing the labeling is not applied to individual panels.


I would really appreciate if someone can guide me through.

Thanking all for the amazing forum.



Gaurav Jain

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Hi Gaurav,

ptUnrollFaces command in PanelingTools uses the calculation and labeling of the Rhino UnrollSrf command and in that command there is no option to place labels inside panels.

You will need to write a script that take each selected panel and label it, then place it in the location you need.  I'll put together small example and post later today.

I also see a bug when using prUnrollFaces with options as in the image.  Will look into fixing this one.

I also see the overlapped tagging, when Explode=No as in the image.

If you use SpaceingMethod=Overlap, then you get each of your panels in a new layer, but then again I can see a bug in the labeling staying all in one layer.  Will look into this one.

Hello Rajaa

I stumbled upon a script which converts the labels to text, however when I use ptunroll in rhino4 with explode - yes label yes it works fine. However, while converting the labels to text also gives a disarrayed text location.


Ideal would be to somehow have a direct output from paneling tools which gives an option of text label aligned at a distance from the Edge.


I thought the flap option in Paneling tools is pretty amazing and using the same logic if a text object can be placed inside the edge would solve a big issue i think faced by anyone into digital fabrication.


Actually I am taking elective lecture in School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, where i had introduced some of the techniques developed by you, however face a hurdle in labelling of panels. I would really appreciate if you can somehow help in the matter.


thanking you again,




Hi Gaurav,

I have been working on ptUnrollFaces command last week and fixed many of the bugs you pointed out in your initial email.  I am doing some more testing and will release it soon.
As for pushing labels to the inside of a panel and use text instead of dot, I will try a couple things and see if I can make it work well enough.  the challenge is that PT uses rhino Unroll command that does the labeling and output it right on the edge.  I need to find a way to collect this and pull it to the inside of a panel just slightly without messing the correlation and convert to a text.  I will probably ask user input for text height.

Hello Rajaa


Thanks for the amazing update, both me and my students are excited by the possible development. I feel this will empower Rhino users with less dependence on CAM software and scripting plugins. Also the text height input will give better flexibility in terms of aesthetics and scale of text vis-a-viz panel size for final fabrication.


Thanks again, and eagerly awaiting the new possibilities.





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