Hi all,

If you have PanelingTools already installed for Rhino 5 Beta and upgraded to Rhino 5, then PanelingTools might disappear.  A re-installation of PanelingTools.rhi will fail with the comment "this package is already installed".

To solve this you need to do the following:

1) close ALL sessions of Rhino.

2) Go to the folder where PanelingTools is saved when it was installed:

Note: if you cannot see "AppData" folder, then make sure to set "show hidden files and folders" option inside "Folder Options" (you'll find it under "Control Panel")

3) Delete the "PanelingTools {...}" folder,

4) Install using the installer (PanelingTools.rhi).

5) Open Rhino.  You do NOT need to load the plugin.  The PanelingTools menu should be there.

Let me know if you see other problems.

Rajaa Issa

Robert McNeel & Associates.

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