Sharing my exprience Using Rhino+Paneling tools+3D printing for my led lighting unit

I need  design to improve my led lighting unit in my 4x4. Above unit is the first 3d print designed with rhino for proof of concept.
Above picture is the second mockup by rhino. But i feeled it to bulky, not a optimum design and taking too much time to print and too much material was used.
So I made the third mockup using Paneling tools to optimize geometry and material. And to make it more design efficient.
But I did not like how I model the corner. They become weak. And I realized that I had to add top and bottom flat bodies interlocked with the gird to get a better structural stiffness.Above is the final design. Now it is structurally very sound. I have saved more then half of the material with printing time also. 
Fixation to intended  use. My led light reflects from my hood. So at night offroading in the desert My night vision was getting affected. Thanks to paneling tools I am able to a optimized design in a very short time. This method can be used to overrule 3d printing software internal support structure logic to both save time and material.

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