Wanted to share students' projects from the University of Cincinnati... Very fun and I hope you enjoy it.


Andrew Newman:
( His work is a combination of Maya + Rhino)

Ari Pescovitz:

and Adnane Afadadi:

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Incredible work. I toolpathed (Delcam Powermill) and CNC-machined (Bridgeport VMC1000) Andrew's buck for vacuum forming when I worked there and I believe Nick Germann toolpathed and CNC-machined (Komo VR510 Router) the aluminum parts for Ari's assembly (students can be so bad about giving credit...).

But speaking of giving credit, I'd like to use this opportunity to praise Ming Tang (the prof overseeing these projects) for elevating the work of the School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID) within DAAP at the University of Cincinnati, particularly with respect to parametrics and computation. I had the pleasure of working with him for a brief time and I've never met someone so skilled AND so generous with their time; he works tirelessly to bring others to his level, students and faculty alike, and he really has fun doing it.

However, the most important thing he's doing for the program is releasing the architectural research potential of the DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center (Manager Scott Lincoln with Aaron Rucker and Nick Germann), a state-of-the-art digital fabrication facility that was started out of some late 90s research into NURBS modeling by the Transportation Design Department (Gerry Michaud). There's still a closet (now full of collets and scrap tooling board) in the woodshop with a placard reading "Surface Development Laboratory" where they used to have a few old-school workstations set up for Alias StudioTools (now Autodesk AliasStudio). All of this work has been made possible through the administrative work of Anton Harfmann, a CAD pioneer who was chairing ACADIA events while I was still in diapers (I think I've got that timeline right...).

I think this kind of work is especially critical for Cincinnati as it finds itself in a region that's becoming increasingly competitive in terms of architectural technology pedagogy and research, specifically Kevin Klinger and Joshua Vermillion at Ball State and Michael McKay and Kyle Miller at the University of Kentucky.

I look forward to seeing more of Ming's work in the future!

Hi Brian,
Thank you very much for the follow up comment.  Very informing.  I had great pleasure meeting Prof. Tang at ACADIA and had really good conversation.

On a side note, your work at NTCCTfab was very positively received by ACADIA participants flipping through the images of projects you kindly allowed me to show.  Thanks again for sharing your creative work with the rest of the community.


Anytime Rajaa!



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