Even as we are dragging our feet in replying to the previous comments, here are some general questions on the relationship between different tool-sets that now surround Rhino. As you advised in an e-mail, this is a repeat/rewrite for the public domain...




Briefly, I was interested to hear how the developers (and the users for that matter) see (experience) the relationship between Paneling Tools, Grasshopper and the growing family of scripting possibilities that become available in association with Rhino.

We realise that many of the constraints we encounter with Paneling Tools can be easily resolved in Grasshopper. On the other hand, some limitations of Grashopper (e.g., the current lack of easy out-of-the-box OOP capacity) can be taken care of in scripting (I see that Python is becoming a viable option).

With this in mind, it would be good to know the history of these tools and the current plans for the future (e.g., will some of these tools become obsolete? do you mind if there functionalities overlap? etc.). It would help to target the future questions and know better which tool to turn to in a particular situation.

Thank you,



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Hi Stanislav,


Thank you for bringing this up in the forum.  I hope other people will participate with thoughts and input as well.  We try to pay very close attention to our users to better understand what their needs are and how they can best be served when adding new tools, features or functionality. So feedback is hight encouraged.


Here are few thoughts about the points you raised...

In the case of PanelingTools vs. Grasshopper (and scripting in general), we understand that there is no one good answer that solve all situations and that there are limitation and advantages to using sequential modeling approach vs. parametric one, and hence I hear many cases where PanelingTools was more appropriate to use to develop paneling solutions and others where a parametric solution with Grasshopper was necessary for part or the whole process.

PanelingTools was designed to support paneling from the very early stages of design being quick, reflective, flexible and extensible through scripting, but also can be used generate the final paneling geometry.  Many users incorporate RhinoScript and Python scripting to solve some repetitive tasks and ones that need to be customized.  as you may know, PanelingTools functions are exported to RhinoScript and we are in the process of creating a PanelingTools DotNet SDK so these functions will become available for Python scripting and VB, C# and Python components in GH. 


We also realize that GH's graphic scripting is more intuitive especially for designers and hence I do have plans to create a PanelingTools GH componentor toolset that cater for two groups:
- GH users who find it difficult to quickly generate their paneling concepts.
- PT users who need to customize or script part of their process in GH

We certainly plan to continue support and enhancement for GH, PT and Python scripting.


I hope this is helpful.

Stanislav, others,


I am sure there must be many examples that show how paneling cases can be easily resolved in GH, but not able to do in PanelingTools as you mentioned.


If you can spare some time to put together some examples, I am very interested to compile a list of these cases so I can either support in PT or facilitate scripting support for them.





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