May i ask if there is any options to allow the pattern created by paneling tools release from the steel mold (i mean deformation for part release from mold)? i am going to make a pattern on cylinder or sphere and that pattern should be able to release from the steel mold, and it is polystyrene (hard plastic) .

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Hi Vincents

Can you give a small example of what PanelingTools is creating and what result you like to see instead?


Well, i want to upload the 3dm file but it is too big..but this image can show what i want to do. If you know about injection molding of hard plastic, this object cannot release from the mold because the pattern details is trapped inside the mold. If rhino can adjust those details that is great.


 I hope this 2 picture help explaining my question

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for posting the details.

One way to achieve the result you are after is to use 2D pattern, then "extrude".  For example, you can split the surface first with the 2D pattern you created (Use Split+Join, or SplitFace), then use "ExtrudeSrf (with Solid=Yes & DeleteInput=Yes)" command in Rhino.
Is that what you need? 

Not really, if i use extude command, the detail surface become flat, those freeform emboss feature dissappeared.
Here is a 3dm sample file, please take a look, thanks.



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