I'm very new to Rhino 5 and also very green to 3d drawings

I have bought a stl file to cut on my home made cnc spindle cutter with cut3d now

when I import the stl file into Rhino I can only see the out line with no detail that is visible in my cam program (cut3d).

The main reason I'm trying rhino 5 is to add text to a banner within the drawing. With a ultimate goal of drawing my own bas relief drawings and bowls.

I would like also guidance on how to add text to the banner 

here is the screen shots of what I can see in my cam program

screen shot in rhino 5


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1 Set your display to Rendered or Shaded mode.
2 Look at it in the perpective view

Feel free to send me the file and I am happy to take a look at it.



Bob and thank you for the tip

I will send you the file 




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