Hi Keith,

I am not a proficient Rhino user and I am not looking to be. I have roughly 1000 Rhino CAD’s of diamond rings that I would like to render myself. Would RhinoRing be the best option to go with as an easy to use rendering plug in?

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Hi Sam,

RhinoRing has a small range of Jewelry specific materials for Neon render. Neon is a free ray-trace engine for Rhino3d - http://v5.rhino3d.com/group/neon

Here is a video using RhinoRing's Neon specific materials:


Not sure you would necessarily need RhinoRing as Neon Materials are quite quick to set up.



Thank you Keith.

Hello, I read you are looking for a plugin to render easy to use, as I understand it,

if you can 'be of interest I use KeyShot, vray, Brazil 2 if you give me your direct email you





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