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Need help to this script c# shell and offset mesh(solid)

@architect.civil5 wrote:

need help to this script c# shell and offset mesh(solid)
have error

shell mesh offset solid (11.0 KB)

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Script path for plugin made with rhino command

@keerthana wrote:

I’m interested in creating a few rhinocommand scripts to create a plugin
This link explains the process clearly

Creating Rhino Commands Using Python

This guide demonstrates how to create Rhino commands from Python scripts.

on creating the file the plugin folder is saved in my python-plugins folder as expected. However i’m unsure of how to link the scripts and make rhino find them. In my case i have my scripts that i need to import to my file in a separate environment.

should I set a python path ?

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VBA from/to Python

@ivelin.peychev wrote:


Hypothetical question.

Is it possible to pass on data from vba to python and get output.

I know you can use shell and get the output from python print() but is there a way to transfer objects, a binary stream or something like that?

Thanks in advance.

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Reverse an equation

@Helvetosaur wrote:

Hi all,

I have the following formula for calculating the “scallop height” (h) with a spherical cutter of radius ®, given the “stepover” (x).


With my remnants of high-school algebra, I tried to “reverse” the formula to solve for x given a desired h. However, my formula does not give me an accurate result, so I must have done something wrong…


So, does anyone know how to do this correctly?

TIA, --Mitch

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sc.doc.Objects.Delete Help info?

@ivelin.peychev wrote:



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