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Sorry maybe a very basic question but,
I am getting the error "The name 'SelectedObjects' does not exist in the current context" as the snapshot.
What should i do?


Block instance material

Solved - changed the object assign material by parent.

Block instance material

I am not seeing the material change when I apply a material to a block instance - I have the original object in the block set to display color - by parent.

Pave.3dm (180.5 KB)

Any help much appreciated,

How to select visable (front) faces only?

Unfortunately CullControlPolygon only toggles the display of surface or mesh "control points" - a handy command to know none the less and one I didn't know about. As for selection filtering, I can't find any filters that do what I want. I'm after the same functionality as "Ignore back faces" in other 3d apps like 3ds max, cinema 4d and no doubt others.

I know that in rhino we're not working with "faces" specifically but when making selections using selection rectangle (either window or crossing mode) it would be nice if that process could be told to ignore anything behind the surfaces facing the camera (ie visible to it).

Wireless measurement tools - data transfer into Rhino

I use this configuration for work:

Rhino for Mac 5.1 installed and running on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1713)
Parallels VM with Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit installed via bootcamp
MarCom 5.0 Pro software (Windows only) + Mahr measurement tools

My goal is to measure dimensions and have these transferred directly into Rhino (into the active text field while designing).
MarCom does allow to configure a keyboard command output with added functions as or added behind each numerical output.

example: "123.456 "

The data transfer runs like this:
- physically measure a dimension on a work piece with a Mahr caliber
- press a data transmit button on the caliper
- data is received by a Mahr supplied Ant+ USB stick
- data is received by MarCom software and translated into keyboard code
- keyboard code is broadcasted to the OS (result is as typing on the keyboard)

It is mainly designed to be used to output numerical values into an open text or Excel document to create measurement reports.

On the Windows side everything works beautifully (and I am sure if I would use Rhino for Windows, it would work fine).
The issue is that somehow the keyboard commands do not arrive in Rhino when created in the Windows guest system.

I am already in touch with the devs at Parallels who currently are looking into this.

Did anyone do something similar and has probably some ideas involving transferring inter-OS transferred keyboard commands into Rhino - maybe using another virtual machine software?
I am open to any hint to make this work, reason for the dilemma being that unfortunately the measurement software of Mahr is only available for Windows but we run a Mac only environment in our company.


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