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Texture size limit of 2GB: a bug or feature?

Hi Vic,

It turns out this is a problem with the Windows SDK functions Rhino uses... The 3rd party library Rhino is using, loads your file just fine...but Rhino then uses some Windows routines to store, manage, and pass the image around internally...and looking into the documentation for these, it says they are limited to 2GB in memory size, and no amount of research I've done so far, has come up with any alternatives so far.

Unfortunately, this looks (to me) like this will require some pretty big architectural changes to Rhino's image handling code... I'm pretty sure OpenGL can handle your file, the problem is the contents of the file isn't making it through the processing portions of the code, so by the time the display goes to use the image, it's already too late. This is pretty much what I thought was happening, only I assumed it was the third party library, not Windows API.

I'm going to have to pass this along to John Morse (@JohnM) , who heads up that part of the code. So let's hope he will have better news on this issue.


How to Reflected Ceiling Plan?

To be honest I didn't not go through that whole thread yesterday since it was 2 years old. The plug-in doesn't load tough, maybe 'cause x86?

I, personally, would want it to a property of a Detail object instead of Display mode, so I don't have to use different display modes for my details. Thanks for looking into it.

T-Splines for Rhino end of life

I am with gustojunk on the point of how v5 and v6 will run. Wondered if I would have to buy a whole new license in order to run both ? I don't want to upgrade anything to lose a bunch of tools I bought( t-splines and VSR ).
The only thing that makes sense in dropping all those tools is because there are more better ones somewhere else.
As far as needing a direction to go as regards to sub-d , it's all been asked, discussed and begged for many times
Rhino is everyone's tool. But not every one is completely happy in their needs.
After listening to all the poeple who work at Mcneel and what they have done for Mac users and Grasshopper ,Architects and more.Just have to expect they want everything their customers want too.
I like webinars for advertising new products like the products used here. People know where to look to find it. My nickels worth--Mark

File3dmObjectTable.FindByLayer Method - Documentation


Full Path of Layer to search.

I'm pretty sure the function does not use the full layer path, as this is only a feature of the document Layer table.


empty array if no objects could be found

I do agree with this. Looks like the comments have already been updated for the Rhino WIP...

-- Dale


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