Hello Rhinocommoners,

I have a quick question relating to the custom object classes available in Rhinocommon. Does anybody know why there are


types, but no corresponding


or similar? Would it be possible to implement such a type?
Is there another way of inheriting for a custom point object which I'm not seeing?



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Hi Daniel,

Why do you need a custom point object? What is it that you are trying to do?


 -- Dale



I'm storing additional info and methods within the classes. I know I could do it via user data, but this is more cumbersome for me down the line. I'd prefer leaving my classes "untouched" but instead inheriting from custom Rhino objects, as they also exist in an external database outside Rhino.

Really what I found off in terms of coherence is that I can do that for curve, brep and mesh objects, but not for points - and I was wondering if there's a reason for that...?


Hi Daniel,

The reason for the custom Curve, Brep, and Mesh object is that they were requested by customers. And, we worked directly with these customers to make sure these objects worked per their requirements.

We can do the same with. But, we are going to need much more information what what you have provided above. I should not that creating a custom object that you can use is hard. I should also mention that with all of the C++ plug-ins available for Rhino, very few customers implement custom objects, as the SDK provides enough tools so they are not necessary.

If this is something you want to do, feel free to email me directly with all of the details that you can provide.


 -- Dale



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