hi there,

i came across a annoying "feature" about the rhino.isPointinSurface() method.

Often when I use this function to exclude points from a bunch of points with the help of a closed Cylinder or a Sphere most of the points are processed correctly but some of them remain although they are definitely INSIDE the solid.

In the Rhino4-version of the function there was no option for giving a tolerance, in Rhino5 there is but it doesn't matter if I specify a tolerance or not - some of the points won't be recognized as inside.


What I did:

1. created a bunch of points with rhino.AddPoint()

2. created the solid for exclusion

3. applied the rhino.IsPointInSurface()-method

-> some of the points won't be recognized as inside


but If I:

1. take one of this "error"-points

2. delete it

3. draw this point manually

4. apply the rhino.IsPointInSurface()-method

-> the point gets processed correctly


So where is the problem? Does anybody have clue of what I'm doing wrong?

Regards, Alex

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Hi Alex,

Can you post both a sample model and a sample script?


 -- Dale

Hi Dale,

please see the attached files; the script adds a TextDot on the points which are not processed correctly..imho

Thx in advance, Regards


Hi Alex,

Definately a tolerance issue. Use the document's absolute tolerance and you will have better results (see attached).

Also, you might want to check the model relative tolerance. 1e-07 is a little tight. 1.0 percent is a little more reasonable.

-- Dale




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