Hello everybody,

i'm looking for a comfortable way to solve my problem with splitting a surface. I added a picture to describe it a little bit more and hope someone has a good idea.

I want to split/trim the surface by the two cut lines and and delete the rest.

The the rhino.splitsurface(...) method only works with one parameter (U or V). But my parameters are different at the two edges of the surface.

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,

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Hi Alexander- to split with curves in RhinoScript you may need to script the Split command in Rhino. You can then sort through the result and pick out the part to keep.

Dim sCrvs, crv
For Each Crv In aCrvs
sCrvs = sCrvs & " _SelID " & crv

Rhino.SelectObject Srf

're-Split the surface with the curves

Rhino.Command "_Split" & SCrvs & " _Enter", False

If Rhino.LastCommandResult() <> 0 Then Exit Function

Dim aLast: aLast = Rhino.LastCreatedObjects() ' this is the array of objects from Split.

Deciding which parts to keep can be painful - I've done things like extract the edge curves of all the results and compare the bounding boxes of these to the bounding box of all of the trimming curves.

Another possibility is to extrude your curves and use Rhino.SplitBrep() rather than Rhino.SplitSurface()





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