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alt TomWue:

What is 6.2 SRC and where can I find it?

Service Releases are accessible as “Candidates” and there can be several candidates before a SR is final (SR2 RCx, or shorter, SRC).

You can get access to them by setting your Rhino Options > Updates and Statistics > Update frequency: to Service Release Candidate.

Anything to do with PLANES crush rhino/gh

alt DavidRutten:

I can load that file and am experiencing no crashes

same for me. Everything works fine here.

Maybe some other plugin causing this?

I can not curve mascara hairs. How can I do that?

Thank you for the answer. That’s what I want.

It boggles the mind that the same issues are still present over a decade later

Sounds like you might be better off with a solid modeling software if the idea of working with surfaces seems cumbersome. Rhino is not meant to compete in that arena as there are many capable solid modeling products already available.


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