Is it possible to accommodate a construction/part with more than one material?  I know currently one can only define a single material for a single solid, but what would it take to be able to define part of a solid as say wood, and the rest of the solid as say steel?  Just would be very cool to be able to analyze this way as well.



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Not only cool -- it would be extremely useful,  because it would apply to all kinds of "bonded assemblies" and composite materials.   We *are* working on it.  It is going slower that we would like, partly because Rhino does not have a good interface for creating such multi-material structures.  So  in addition to non-trivial numerical simulation issues,  there are all kinds of representational and user interface issues.   Just curious,  do you have some specific application in mind?  

This is kind of linked to a discussion I was having with Michael Freytag about a 20ga. steel assembly that I was working on.  I have a condition where a "skylight can" of odd shape had to intersect a truss (not completely on purpose).  The reality of the structural issue is that the 3/4" plywood deck becomes part of the top chord of the "composite truss" and actually assists in the stability of the top ring of the skylight can.

I didn't send him the model yet because I went ahead and built it & tested it that way.  It works.

I do have a version of SpaceGass where I can analyze the truss part of it no problem (as well as excel calcs), but the skylight piece I really cannot model in there, and certainly not once it has intersected the truss.  I just sent the model to Michael Freytag because the 20 ga. material was causing the analysis to run for a long time (32+ hours .  . . understandably).

Thanks for the time & help.




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