I am new to Visual ARQ and I can't seem to achieve a slanted curtain wall placed into a nurbs 'from solid' wall. Is there any way to achieve this? This is also occurring with regular windows. 

Secondly, when using grasshopper is there a way to create styles (for instance windows) that were created with the lunchbox suite and then feed them into a styles component that could update parametrically from GH?

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Hi Erik, 

1. It is not possible to insert curtain walls inside walls. To achieve that you need a workaround consisting in doing a Boolean operation between a wall and a solid of subtraction (using the _vaWallSubtractSolid command) and then placing a curtain wall in the resulting hole. However the hole won’t be attached to the curtain wall position and dimensions.

Windows are always placed vertically inside walls. The only way to lean windows inside slanted walls is by exploding the VisualARQ geometry, so it will become Rhino polysurfaces and then you will be able to rotate and move it freely.

2. The VisualARQ object styles can be created inside Grasshopper with the existing parameters that VisualARQ provides. In VisualARQ 2.0 it will be possible to create VisualARQ objects from Grasshopper definitions, including components from add-ons like lunchbox.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply Francesc,  

So from what I am understanding, the openings in any wall created 'from solid' or traditionally within Visual ARQ will be normal to the xz or yz planes and not to the surface of a potentially angled wall. (See attached image). 

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you, 



Hi Erik,

There is no easy way to achieve this slanted wall and window with the VisualARQ objects.

You could do it using a wall from a solid and a window style that uses a block. But you should model everything first using Rhino geometry, so I don't think it is worth it to turn the geometry into VisualARQ objects.

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