Hi all, I'm new to VisualARQ, using it with first project and I am very happy with it speeding up modeling architecture!

I would like to create a window shown in the attached image. It has four leaves at the botom part and three on the top. Is there a way to define such window style or is the only way to create custom block and assign it to the window. The problem with the latter is that it locks the window and it can no longer be easily resized.

Thanks for any advice



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Hello Jiri,

Yes, the only way to do this kind of window right now is attaching a custom block to that window style.

We are aware of the limitations that openings from custom blocks have but we have some ideas to improve that in the future.

When we have the second part of the integration between VisualARQ and Grasshopper done, you will be able to create this kind of window style from a Grasshopper definition. And you will just need to import it into the window styles dialog as if it was a new window style.


Hello Francesc,

thanks for the reply. Does it mean that I will need Grasshopper to do such thing?


Hi Jiri,

Yes, you will need Grasshopper but not necessarily know how to use it. We will include in the window styles library some window styles created from Grasshopper definitions such as the one of your picture. You will simply see the parameters to change that window style inside the window styles dialog.

If you are skilled in Grasshopper you will be able to create your own definitions and import into the window styles dialog. If you don't know Grasshopper you will be able to play with the parameters given by definition that others have created, inside the window styles dialog.

just an idea or question regarding windows and doors;

There would be two way to handle parametric openings.

Once, control the whole object in one definition which can be complex

Second, to control window/door components separately. Each component could be one definition (or one block) , meaning frame, leaf, threshold, handle, sill, blind, and other accessories and each has got an offset value to align its position otherwise these would be on the centre.

What about this?




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