1. Roof degree

When we set the degree of the roof an additional option would be better to click on a line already inclined in the 3D space than match the degree of the roof. 

This would be useful for shed roofs for example when roof is sketched in 3D by lines.

2. Roof reference line 

So there is two line: one is that defines the outside surface one defines the inside part, on the picture red Base line is situated inside. I practice we always define roof exterior shape and after we can deal with inside area because of building regulations that demand specific requirements for building shape regarding exterior.

Also could be very good if we could just switch btw. reference line (similar than at walls) for example when we asked for Roof Thickness we could just put eg.: minus (-) 200 mm  instead of + 200 mm. 

3. Roof axis. An enhancement to be changeable after construction

(but it is not so important)

4. Shed roof enhancement. It would be perfect to change roof edge degrees like in case of Hip roof.

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Hi Andras,

Thanks for these ideas. I take note of all them and hopefully we can include them in future versions of VisualARQ soon.

Just regarding the option to change the roof reference line, I'd rather set some alignment options than letting put negative values to the roof thickness, which could be somehow confusing.




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