Hello I'm starting to work with VisualARQ and can not find a way to implement an option to MAPPING in VA objects such as walls and slabs for a suitable texture dimencion both RhinoRENDER as VRAY

Any suggestions Thanks

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Hello Mario,

Right now it is not possible to apply texture mapping on VisualARQ objects. The only way to do it is to explode them in order that they become Rhino polysurfaces. 

In any case, we are close to release the 1.8 version, which will improve that. You will be able to apply texture mapping on VisualARQ objects as if they were Rhino objects.

Best regards,


I downloaded the 1.8 version and I can't get VisualARQ objects to UV map. (singles on a roof) I exploded but the size of the texture totally  changed to a ridiculous size. Any suggestions?



The texture mapping on VisualARQ object work in the same way as on Rhino geometry. But the preview may not work sometimes. If you shoot a render the texture should appear fine.

If you explode a VisualARQ roof after applying a texture mapping, you may need to apply the texture mapping again to the different parts of it, and scale and orient the map accordingly.


Hi Mario, 

The VisualARQ 1.8 is available. You can now apply texture mappings on VisualARQ objects with no need to explode them first.

Best regards,

Hola Francesc,

Is there any advice or a tutorial on how to manage this mapping. Do we do this on a wall by wall basis? Can we somehow get into the layers of the wall?

Working with 1.8 evaluation...

TIA Robb

Hi Robb,

The way to apply materials and texture mappings to VisualARQ objects is the same as you would do it to Rhino geometry.

You can apply materials to the whole object from the Rhino properties panel, or from the VisualARQ object styles dialog, under the Attributes tab, to the whole object style or to each one of its components individually.

You only need to know that right now it is not possible to apply texture mappings to a specific object style component only, such a wall layer, since texture mappings apply to the whole VisualARQ object. To sort out this limitation, I recommend you to use materials that have an integrated WCS mapping. 



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