I am looking for a similar method to extrude profiles like Profile builder for sketchup (or profiler in archicad). Previously I tried beam tool, however the problem was with corners. Profile builder in sketchup can easily handle corner joints and also can be replaced by another profile in lists (like Visualarq). I am also trying GH, however it looks complicated.

I would like to create classic door and window frames, also for plinths and I just afraid what if I need to change the profiles several time. 

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Hi Onrender,

Thanks for this suggestion. We are planning to add the option to create door and window frames from custom profiles.

I will let you know when this feature is ready.


Hi, Francesc,

Thanks for your quick response,

Also it could be useful separated tool for floors regarding base boards or facade elements.

(Basically beam tool is almost good however the corners cannot join right.) 


Hi Onrender,

We have also in mind to develop beams that solve the joints at corners.

Regarding your second request, can you provide some examples of what you wish to get?


Hi Onrender, 

I see...

I guess you know the Rhino Sweep1 rail tool which can do a similar job than the profile builder.

In any case we will study how to improve the options to add custom profiles to opening frames, wall base boards, etc... and also how to improve the way beams join at corners.

Thanks for all your suggestions. 

Hi Francesc, 

Rhino Sweep 1 does the job, however profile cannot be changed after creation, I will try GH (import 3dm) meanwhile. thanks.



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