Sorry, i Have a problem with a stairs, in my demo version, I see only stair standard, way is that?

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Hi Antonio,

If you start a new document using a VisualARQ template, you will see the full library of object styles.

This tip will give you more information about this topic:


Sorry, I don't  understand. There isn't a integrated libray ?

another thing,

how can I advertise a landing in spiral staircase? thank you

Right now it is not possible to create landings on spiral stairs. To solve that right now you need to create different spiral stairs with a slab in between. I take note of this request for future versions of VisualARQ. 


Hi Antonio,

Yes, the VisualARQ templates come with a list of different object styles for each object type. However, if you are using VisualARQ 1.8.1 version this library of styles is missing so you will need to download the 1.8.2 version to see it. (we will release the 1.8.2 version this week)


Hi Antonio, VisualARQ 1.8.2 is available for download. You just need to open a VisualARQ template and you will see the full library of object styles.




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