Quick measure tool for distance and degrees would be nice not to use line tool or angular dimension for somoe quick information.

2. VisualARQ toolbar and its shortcut:

Also that would be better if we could have a Shortcut for a Quick tool, this function can allow us quicker creation of certain element. For example press Alt + Select the object. Right hand side we could get the VisualARQ toolbar with the same properties of the selected object -> after we are able to create the same object we selected earlier (without browsing in standards). Also via VisualARQ toolbar we would be able to change directly the selected object's properties.  

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Hi Onrender,

1. A "rule" icon to measure in place the values of VisualARQ object parameters does already exist. (see image attached) We will consider to add also an icon to measure the angle in place for those objects which have some values in angles (roof slopes, for example.) 

2. A shortcut already exists for editing the VisualARQ object properties and VisualARQ object styles.

Just double click on any VisualARQ object, and its properties dialog will be opened. Double click and press Ctrl, Alt, or shift keys on any VisualARQ object, and you will open the styles dialog only for the object or objects selected. See this tip for an extended explanation: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/6284/


Hi Francesc, 

Regarding shortcuts for objects I intended to suggest an integration to handle visualarq toolbar within rhino lockable toolbars. I just felt a little bit disorganized when the object settings are pop up can be anywhere covering the viewport I am working on. My opinion that it would be better within the other rhino toolbars looking more organized interface. 


Ok, I get it! and I agree with your idea.

In any case, take into account that the insertion dialogs are opened in the same position they were when you close the last one you used. So if you drag it to the side of the screen (although it is not possible to integrate it with the other dialogs), and you close it, the dialog will appear there next time you run the same VisualARQ command.

Anyway, we will study how we could implement this idea in future versions of VisualARQ.


Hi Onrender,

Regarding the point 1, you have such tools already in Rhino: 

 "Distance" and "Angle"  Commands (inside the Rhino Drop-down Menu > Analyze)

Hi @Onrender, the request about integrating the insertion dialogs in the Properties panel has come true in VisualARQ 2.0.




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