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  • Rhino Visual Tips 5

    36 members Latest Activity: Jan 30

  • Rhino >> Revit

    3 members Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2014

    A group to explore and develop tools for the interoperation between Rhino and Revit.

  • Mitsuba Renderer

    23 members Latest Activity: Jan 11

    Let's welcome Mitsuba Renderer to the Rhino World! 

    The new, open-source and free Render Solution for Rhinoceros 5.0…

  • 3DM + STL Files

    17 members Latest Activity: Feb 5

    3DM + STL files:

    Ready to print with your RP machine, full 3D, 3DM + STL files modeled with Rhino.

  • Scan&Solve for Rhino

    20 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2014

    Scan&Solve™ for Rhino completely automates basic structural simulation of Rhino solids. Unlike other analysis tools, no preprocessing…

  • Rhino in Education

    23 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Site for K-12 teachers in their classrooms. Teachers who are looking for a place to 'shine some light' on their work, their students' work, etc


    15 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2014 is an independent and collaborative initiative for research and education in current design strategies and computational…

  • Rhino 5 Labs

    50 members Latest Activity: Mar 14

    Rhinoceros V5 Labs tools.

  • Clayoo

    60 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2014

    Clayoo® is an advanced modeling application with the ability to effortlessly create any form efficiently and accurately,…

  • Neon

    1812 members Latest Activity: Mar 18

    Welcome to Neon!

    Neon™ is a free, fully raytraced viewport plug-in for Rhino 5.

    Developed in collaboration with…

  • VisualARQ

    109 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    VisualARQ is an architectural software that runs as a fully integrated plug-in in Rhinoceros.

    VisualARQ adds architectural…

  • EvoluteTools

    63 members Latest Activity: Sep 14, 2014 EvoluteTools for Rhino - powerful paneling, optimization and planarization tools assisting the creation and fabrication of Freeform Architectural…

  • food4Rhino

    162 members Latest Activity: Mar 19

    food4Rhino (WIP)…

  • openNURBS

    37 members Latest Activity: Jan 22

    The openNURBS Initiative provides CAD, CAM, CAE, and computer graphics software developers the tools to accurately transfer 3-D geometry between…

  • Flamingo nXt

    60 members Latest Activity: Sep 15, 2014 nXt is a completely new render engine for Rhino 4. It brings better quality and ease of use above previous Flamingo versions.

  • SDK Developers

    68 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Rhino development tools provides the ability to customize and extend Rhino…

  • Generative Jewelry and Fashion Design

    76 members Latest Activity: Dec 19, 2014

    Jewelry and Fashion designers exploring new shapes using generative algorithms.

  • Brazil

    84 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2014 Top artists and designers from every industry rely on the Brazil renderer for their most demanding work.

  • Rhino FabStudio

    109 members Latest Activity: Mar 19

    A place share, learn and teach different methods of fabrication for designers and engineers when Rhinoceros is involved in any phase of the…

  • Bongo 2.0

    52 members Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2014


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