Learning Rhino Step by Step

Welcome to a five-part webinar series by instructor Mary Fugier* on the basics of Rhino.  

The models used in these tutorials are available from the Rhino Help menu under Help > Learn Rhino > Open Tutorial Models. You may also download them from here.

Part 1 "Introduction"
This is an overview of Rhino. Learn what the common uses of Rhino models are and in which industries you will see Rhino being used for manufacturing and design.

Part 2 "Basic Objects"
An introduction to basic object types used in Rhino.

Part 3 "Surface Creation"
Explore various surface creation commands used in Rhino. The most popular surface types are reviewed here.

Part 4 "Modeling a Flashlight"
A tutorial on modeling a simple flashlight in Rhino. Subjects include precision modeling, solids and boolean operations.

Part 5 "The Duck"
Learn free-form surfacing by modeling the rubber duck. Operations covered include free-form surfacing, blending, control point editing and placing objects on a surface.
*Mary Fugier is Training and Technical Support Specialist at the corporate headquarters of Robert McNeel and Associates in Seattle, WA. She has been part of the McNeel team since 1990.

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