The project involves the realization of the "Casoni Veneti" for teaching purposes, in the Humid Fogolana areas in the Program Agreement for the Promotion of Integrated Local Development Strategies in the Municipality of Codevigo - Padova - Italy.
It is a particular type of construction typical of the Veneto region of Italy-known as "I casoni" built in rural areas.
The project was commissioned by the LMD, a company specializing in maritime works and followed under the direction of the surveyor Sandro Rizzato and was developed by the technical office of the BACCO SPA, in particular by the architect. Lauri Alessio for the design and wooden, Ing. Daniele Nale for the FEM analysis and the study of metal connections.
This is the greatest "big house" that exist in Europe in a wetland.
Hight around 14 m. Is used for research, conferences and catering. Complete the intervention other three smaller "casoni" of service learning activities.
The wood cutting has been achieved by a process using numerical control software Dietrich in connection with the K2. Rhino was used for the design of steel connections, for testing and structural analysis.
I will keep you updated when the work is completed
Thank for your attention.
Ing. Daniele Nale - ART

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