Sophia Construct, FREE Download Kit.
The Sophia Construct
Made with.Rhino 5
Is the flagship example of the Holographic Construction Technology from

The Holograpohic Technology comes from Geometric Drawing, as Leonardo da Vinci within the 3D computer space.
The Craft of Drawing is the only way of seeing the realtionships of Dynamic Symetry, which show the Holographic Reflection.
The computer animates in milliseconds what would take a top Architectural Geometer days to redraw in one fixed position.
The gateway to the Holographic is The Three Dimentional Golden Section, show in VIDEO TUTORIAL link.
The Science of Drawing Geometry is extended significantly when drawn Three Dimensionally in the Computer, with the most simple of understandings;
The End Point
The Mid Point
The Centre Point
The computer finds these points exactly every time, with a precision unheard of. This simple precision unlocks the Holographic Vocabulary of Reflected Space within the Platonic Solids.

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