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Using Rhino for complex stair parts

Just beginning to integrate Rhino into my CAD/CAM/3D design process and generating custom stair parts for 3 & 5 axis machining. Recently completed some tests with a current stair project and machined the wreath rails on a 5 axis CNC. All rail blocks were created in Rhino, tooled and posted via AlphaCAM.

Project plan view of a simple flared stair with bowed risers…


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Suddenly, in opening new files, as I enter a command an create an object, the object is not accepted to the extent that it dissapears when I click enter to complete the CMD.

Can anyone suggest a remedy?

This attachment is a file in which I am having this experience:



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Myo + Rhino

Using Myo to control Rhinoceros.

Fist: for Rotating the view.

FingersSpread: for pan view moving.

WaveIn: for zooming in.

WaveOur: for zooming out.

DoubleTab: for zooming to all extends.…


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looking for some to write a simple script

I am looking for someone to write a rhino script that will work on a folder with multiple files.  What I want to do is change the object properties to a dark shade of green from the default which is black.  So In a nut shell what i want is open file, select all, change object color to dark green and save.  I have tried with my limited knowledge and can't seem to get it to work.  Hope some one can help.

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RhinoDAY 16-17-January-2015 at SCAD

Conferences: List of Coonferences

Workshops: List of Workshops…


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