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found the problem

Regarding my last post with the perspective view issue, what I perceived to be a problem was easily set right by right clicking on the view tab, and setting the origin where I wanted it to be.  All is well in the land of pharticus anteequs.  Regards, Rob

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unusual perspective view

I'm sure there's a simple answer to this question.  Bear in mind that I've never in all my years of using Rhino come across this situation before.  The model is to be located as seen in three of the four view with the cutwater at 0,0,0.  However, as seen, in perspective the model appears in negative territory, nowhere near where it should be.  One thing for sure, as I get older the less I know...cheers, Rob…


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offset surface issues...

I've run into this problem from time to time and have come up with a work-around that is reasonably satisfactory but would sure like to know why this happens.  It appears that this surface (and some others I've dealt with) offsets in two directions.  When offsetting I used the "loose-on" variable which appears to have more or less saved the integrity of the partial chine that was created using the ORCA plug-in.  It is in the region of the forefoot that I've experienced a sort of reverse…


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