Aurora Tree available

Aurora Tree is a rhino 5 plug in.
A.T. consists of creating a tree-like flowchart of versions of the starting project.....more

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Comment by giorgio gurioli on May 12, 2012 at 12:42am

AuroraTree buy

The downloaded version can be installed in the computer and the USB stick
For installation, refer to this link
For doubts, questions or bugs, please refer to the group.
Before requesting an activation code then read the file licenza.txt which is the'' inside the folder AuroraTree
The loss or deterioration of the USB key or hard drive crash with a license to auroratree involves the purchase of plug-in

If you want the full version:

1 download the free demo version

2 purchased the license by sending an e-mail to

or buy with Pay Pal here

3 AuroraTree cost is 32,50 euros including VAT

4 in the email response you'll be given instructions for the payment

5 payment will be sent to the code and instructions


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