Here is a new version of Auxpecker.

Given the new features it was decided to change the name slightly in Auxpecker Studio 2.5

Let's see what's new:

  • - Created setup file for versions 32/64 bits (32-bit version is to be tested not having a 32-bit computer)

  • - Removed the program of 'update now automatically alerts the presence of new updates with message

  • - New command AuxVideo pressing the left mouse button allows you to create video. Here is a video tutorial

  • - New command AuxVideo3d pressing the right mouse button allows you to create an interactive web page to load on their servers with the 3D model image of the model can be rotated with the mouse. Here's an example Hara courtesy of Giorgio Gurioli

  • - Created a website dedicated

Fixes a few bugs Thanks to your feedback

For correct operation, you must remove or rename the old version before installing auxpecker



Download di Auxpecker Studio


Buon Lavoro 

Lo staff di mixexperience


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