Level 2 Advanced Rhino 3d Modeling Online Weekly May 7th to June 17th

I have a Level 2 course with six once-a-week classes starting next Tuesday the 7th, 9am-1pm Eastern Daylight time.
In this course you will learn to take advantage of Rhino’s advanced features, and learn tips and tricks for making high quality models faster and easier. It is for users who have completed Level 1 training or have a fair amount of experience using Rhino. Topics include:
  • Customizing Rhino
  • NURBS topology
  • Curve and surface continuity
  • Using custom construction planes
  • Analyzing geometry
  • Creased surfaces
  • Applying 2D text and designs to a 3D model
  • Troubleshooting geometry errors
  • Lighting, textures, and decals
You can register at http://hydraulicdesign.net/#training . The price is US$250.
For the curious, we will be forging ahead with this class using the V4 manual unless a new one happens to be released in the meantime, it won’t be an impediment.

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