New exporter from Rhino 5 to Artlantis 5 who wants to test both the exporter and Artlantis 5?

Dear Rhino users,

Abvent is developping an export plugin from Rhino 5 to Artlantis 5.

We are looking for Rhino users who could be interested to this export. As you probably don't have an Artlantis, first you can download Artlantis on then Abvent can provide you a serial number* limited to 90 days trial and the plugin.

Will you be interested in?

If so please contact me at

*N.B. a proof of possession of a Rhino license will be required, invoice…

Alain Picard

Artlantis Product Manager


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Comment by Picard on April 8, 2014 at 5:28am

The test of the plug-in is over now. You were very likely to ask us to develop this exporter. 

Abvent would like to thank all of the testers their spent time and feedback this has contributed to enhancement the product.

The final plugin will be available pretty soon. I will keep you informed here.

Alain Picard


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