I've run into this problem from time to time and have come up with a work-around that is reasonably satisfactory but would sure like to know why this happens.  It appears that this surface (and some others I've dealt with) offsets in two directions.  When offsetting I used the "loose-on" variable which appears to have more or less saved the integrity of the partial chine that was created using the ORCA plug-in.  It is in the region of the forefoot that I've experienced a sort of reverse offset and get undesirable results.  Two files are included; one is OK as I turned on control points and while in front view with ortho on, moved the points near the forefoot area past the centerline to be trimmed by a surface in profile view to get the desired results.  The other file reveals the problem.offset%20hull%20with%20forefoot%20anomoly.3dmoffsest%20hull%20and%20offset%20lines.3dm  Many thanks in advance, Rob Ladd

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