Salt Lake City Rock Climbing Company Looking for Drafters, Designers & CNC Programmers who know Rhino!

Vertical Solutions leads the evolution of indoor rock climbing by designing, building, and delivering stunning, world-class rock climbing gyms that are Never The Same. Through our passion and expertise in climbing-culture creation, we provide a variety of deliverables that position these facilities as community anchors and focal points for outdoor enthusiasts. We at the very core, are a one-stop provider of everything you need for success in the climbing gym industry. We are uniquely positioned to deliver this success for our clients due to the depth and breadth of our company’s offerings, the unbelievable talent of our team, and our passion to fuel the continued growth of our industry as a whole.

If you're interested in working with us check out our work and careers page here to apply:

Rhino3D required and Grasshopper knowledge preferred!

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