Zaha Hadid's designs pointed me in the direction of the aesthetic I have been searching for.

I just bought an HP laptop. How do I get started? Do I need a drawing pad and stylus hooked up to my laptop for original designs? I am not interested in scanning an object and then reproducing it in a 3D printer. I want to start with an original design and then go to a 3D model on Rhino for refinements.

Bathsheba Grossman just sits in front of her computer.  A file with her design is sent to a company with a 3D printer. Her sculpture is then delivered to her by UPS.

I would like something a little more "hands on" than that. Besides I want to work on a larger scale for home furnishings. How does she scale up for her lamps? I don't think they are made on a printer.

Very grateful for any help.


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Comment by Diego Xavier on February 15, 2013 at 1:41pm

A couple months ago, I was talking with Bathsheba Grossman, I asked about her design process, here's what she wrote me:

Most of my more organic-looking designs don't have formulas: I draw them using Rhinoceros, TSplines, sometimes ZBrush. When I do use math it is usually freeware tools such as Qhull and Surface Evolver. (Also I used to be a programmer, so sometimes I simply write the program I need.)

As for tips, it's flattering that you ask! You should keep following your own direction. If you want to add one thing, maybe read a little about symmetry, point groups and plane groups. There are a finite number of ways that an object can be symmetrical, some are more interesting than others, and it's useful to know them all.

And about how to apply that into Rhino, If you don't have much exp. with the software, read the documentation

whatch these tutorials

and visit the Rhino blog sometimes..

You won't be completely able to model organic geometry right from the begining, but after a few lessions you'll become more familiar with the software and can start experimenting from there..

Today is really easy to learn as autodidact, but If you don't succeed, follow Jorgen's advice, take classes.

I hope it helps.

Comment by Jørgen Holo on February 11, 2013 at 12:57am

Hi Zaha,

That is a difficult question to answer, as I do not know your computer skills, if you have any CAD background, or the complexity of the models you want to make. So from what I understand I have to recommend taking a class. That way you can discuss with the teacher and find a workflow that suits your needs. 

All the best


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