Sophia Construct. A4 Cut outs Instruction. No.1 Sophia Construct Cutting instructions. No.1 Showing sissors & knife Card printout A4 (200gsm) Digital cutting exanple of polyprop...

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Comment by Albion on March 12, 2019 at 4:40am

The Sophia Construct
Digital Meccano of the Century

  • The Sophia Construct is one example of the Infinite Variations of  Holographic Modular Architectural Shell Structure possibilities.
  • The Holographic Construction, is a very simple system, always working in the same sequence no matter how many segments there are.
  • The Technology is idea for CNC Flat Sheet Architecture Shell Constructions.
  • The strength and the form of the construction are Interrelated giving the Architect / Designer the ability to combine internal and external in one extremely strong structure.


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