Caving jig, for first ascents in smooth vertical spaces or chimneys . Unofficially called BAZMEC.
Primary designed for technical ascent with drilled, expansion bolts using. Distance between two expansion bolts can be about 2 meters on smooth wall. In case of difficult terrain is distance between expansion bolts less.
Material: Stainless steel. Length: 95 cm, main pipe diameter 15 cm, weight 7,3 kg
First climbers progressive saving is absolutely necessary during the first ascension. The same as in classical climbing. For training is top rope belay or belay station recommended. Experienced climbers is possible to use moving fall catcher (for example ASAP).
BAZMEC Technical documentation and other BAZMEC views are available at:
http://www.skolenivyskovky.cz/kontakt.html .
This video and documentation was made for BAZMEC introduction and as a next development topic for other speleologicans. Based on technical documentation is possible to build the BAZMEC at home.
For appropriate consultations, each other advices, testing or non-commercial lending, please contact us at www.skolenivyskovky.cz.
I am not responsible for damages or injuries caused by BAZMEC using. BAZMEC is dedicated for non-commercial caving activities , for trained spelologicans only. BAZMEC using can constitute death or injury danger

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