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This forum has moved to Please discuss everything developer-related there. On July 4…

Started by McNeel Admin

0 Jul 6, 2013

RunScript questions

Hi everybody, just a quick question as I'm translating an old plugin from Rhino 4 SDK to RhinoCommon. In the previous version I was able to…

Started by Fabio Pasquarelli

1 Jul 4, 2013
Reply by Fabio Pasquarelli

CRhinoSdkUiFile.h and CRhinoUiFile class clarifications

Dear all,   i'm currently trying to update my old v4 toolbar stuff to the recent V5 by using as found somewhere on the internet the CRhinoS…

Started by Riccardo Gigante

1 Jul 2, 2013
Reply by Dale Fugier

Refresh panel or window on object selection

I am working on a Rhino5 Plugin ( Rhinocommon C#) and I am trying to create something similar to the standard Rhino "Properties" panel. Now…

Started by Tim

2 Jun 27, 2013
Reply by Tim

Hide an object in one view and show in another

Hi,   I have a UI requirement wherein I have two views and I need to hide certain objects in one view and let them be visible in the other.…

Started by Umesh Tiwari

14 Jun 21, 2013
Reply by Umesh Tiwari

Preserving UNDO functionality

Hi, As part of my plug-in, I'm writing a command to generate a type of mesh with a user interface similar to that of Rhino's existing 'mesh…

Started by Stuart

2 Jun 20, 2013
Reply by Stuart

Bug in Rhino.Geom​etry.Mesh.​CreateBool​eanUnion(m​eshes)

When running Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.CreateBooleanUnion(meshes) on two box meshes just touching. The first interface surface is big and the sec…

Started by Per Jørgensen

4 Jun 13, 2013
Reply by Per Jørgensen

Rhino Multisize Bitmap Icons

I am trying to make my plugin look a bit slicker by updating the toolbar icons. Previously I have used screen capture and/or single bitmap…

Started by Tom Makin

2 Jun 13, 2013
Reply by Tom Makin

Multiple selection / selection preview

Hello everybody. My experiments with RhinoCommon are going very well, and now I've got a backbone for my application. I've got a question,…

Started by Fabio Pasquarelli

3 Jun 11, 2013
Reply by Fabio Pasquarelli

Spiral NURBS

Hello everybody. My further explorations of Rhinocommon are getting deeper and deeper. Now my next task is to draw a spiral, without gettin…

Started by Fabio Pasquarelli

2 Jun 6, 2013
Reply by Fabio Pasquarelli



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