Can we have a 0,0,0 OSnap?  

I have a keyboard shortcut for '0,0,0' and for whatever reason, during the Mirror command it toggles the Copy parameter.  Highly frustrating.  I select 0,0,0 so many times during a modeling session there has to be a shortcut for selecting it.

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There is a new V5 command called "RememberCopyOptions". it effect a lot of commands that have a copy option including Mirror. It controls whether the option setting is stored or not. Yes is the default option.

As far as a shortcut for 0,0,0 goes, you already have one. Just a single 0 is interpreted as 0,0,0.

I don't know if those details will help you or not.

This is true, but one hand is on a space pilot pro and the other on a mouse.  Having to switch to a keyboard every time I need 0 is a pain.  I execute 90% of my commands without touching a keyboard.

I tried using a keyboard shortcut for my space pilot to enter 0 for me.  This would toggle the Copy option on commands like mirror.  Then I changed my space pilot to call ctrl+shift+0 and used the keyboard shortcut in Rhino to call 0.  This would also toggle the Copy option.  Now I place a point at 0 that I can click on.  

An osnap at 0 would be worth it to me and seems like a simple addition.

Here's an easier idea. Place a Point object at 0,0 on it's own layer and Lock it. Then the existing Point Osnap will work for you.

If this works for you then make it part of your Template files.

That would work.  Thank you.



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