I'm planning on buying a new laptop. I will use it for graphical work (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, ...) and 3D modelling in Rhino and rendering. I'm not a gamer, so the notebook won't be used for that.

The two laptops I have in mind (Asus) differ from the graphics card. One has the Nvidia GT 635M , the other the Nvidia GT 650M.

Will the difference between both cards be noticeable, or will the 635M do the job?

thank you very much,

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No one able to help? Maybe someone from NcNeel?

I think McNeel are not inclined to offer specific recommendations lest they be held responsible for them. And notebook video isn't as sexy as desktop so you'll not find too many people with strong opinions.

You might as well go for the 650 even if it's not much faster. In my computer-buying experience there's just no savings in skimping on anything, you'll just need to upgrade again sooner. Wait as long as you can, spend as much as you can, and don't look back.

In my opinion there is no noticeable factor. It's almost the same, considering that you aren't a gamer. I believe that the worst factor you need to consider is wich resolution if you will use DVI output (bigger model, better output DVI)

Both graphic cards are optimal to use with Rhino and the softwares you mentioned

Jesus Lopez


Thanks for the advice guys! 

The newer 650M runs on the newer Kepler architetcure, while the 635m is made on a Fermi architecture. I'm not really familiar what hardware specs, so I don't know if this will influence working with 3D modelling?

To avoid confusion, here is a link to our statement and details on specific graphics cards:



John Brock - Rhinoceros Tech Support
Seattle - USA

Hello Dee See,

I just have ordered mine with the 650M card. It wasn't urgent. I have seen that Rhino runs with this card on a colleague's notebook.

In terms of price there is not a really big difference between both cards, so I decided to buy the one which uses the new architecture.

Hope this helps



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