I made a cut out of the corner of this pill shaped object.

How would you go about repairing the corner again to the prior shape that matches the flow of the geometry as before? What would your process be?

Would T-Splines make this much simpler too?

I attached a photo to show the before and after.

I also attached the RHINO File with both the Uncut and Cut object so you can try it if need be.

Thanks for the help!!!!

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In this case just UnTrim it.

Trimming a NURBS object doesn't actually take anything away from a surface, it adds information in the form of a trim curve. If you turn on the control points, you can see the structure hasn't changed, the surface is still there, it's just been instructed to not show part of it. This is one of the most important and basic features of NURBS, and something nothing else can handle as elegantly. Try to "trim" a hole out of a mesh/subdivision/TSplines object, and (ignoring any construction history,) not only is the information inside that hole truly 'gone,' but the more precise you need that trimmed edge to be, the more the object has to be modified to represent it, making it unwieldy to edit further and maybe even changing the shape of the base surface. That's why NURBS still rule the CAD world.


Thanks for the great explanation! I worded it wrong thou...

Let's say you created an object and you were left with that hole in the corner of the pill shape. (you didn't trim it, it was just that way after creation).

How would you fill that in to match the smooth flowing geometry of that corner? (and you can't mirror from the other side)

Thanks!!!! :)

If you have an irregular shaped hole like that and you can't use untrim to bring the missing parts back, your only real choice will probably be Patch with the tangency option  - the results may or may not be satisfactory for you according to the geometry and the patch parameters chosen.  The patch will also have a geometric structure far different from the original.

A form like the one you posted is unlikely to be an entirely untrimmed surface, so even if you didn't trim it yourself, it's likely to be trimmed.  Untrimming it can maybe still bring the original surface back, or at least allow you to have a more regular hole shape, with which you can construct a new corner using tools such blend curves, sweeps and network surface.  ----H



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