Bolean difference sphere within a sphere? Why not working?

Hi. I create this filled square and created a smaller square within it in order to make a wall and then substract windows. But when I do bolean difference then it says "Nothing intersects". I have done the same with boxes (which worked) but not sure why the edges need to intersect just for spheres? How can I create a space within this space!??! Would love some help

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Can you post a file containing the problem geometry?  I'm not having any difficulty doing what you seem to be describing.  I can easily place windows in a wall using boolean difference.  What are you trying to do with spheres?

Credo intenda questo, ma penso che nel box gli funzionava perchè entrambe le parti inferiori erano a contatto con il terreno. Mentre nella sfera, la sfera piu piccola è completamente all'interno della sfera grande quindi la booleana gli da errore di intersezione!


I want to put a smaller sphere within a bigger square in order to create a hollow square. But I solved it in this case just doing the windows first and then put the smaller one inside which worked in this case.

Yes, Rhino doesn't support placing one sphere or whatnot entirely inside one another and calling that a single "hollow" object, the result is referred to as "non-manifold." 

This seems like an arbitrary restriction on a geometrically-meaningful operation. I hope it will be lifted in some future version.

Rhino does  not support 'disjoint' polysurfaces - this is somewhat arbitrary, yes, in that there is no technical reason not to support these, at least as far as I know, which is not very far. 

Meshes can be disjoint.




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