I am working in Rhiino 5 and have a Boolean difference issue and would like to know what you folks do in a case like this.

I have two objects that have no naked edges and there are no bad objects and I still cannot get them to Boolean difference.

Thanks in Advance...


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Hi George- the first thing to do is run Intersection on the objects and see what the curve(s) of intersection looks like- that will often tell you where the problem lies. Feel free to post or send me the objects, I'll take a look.



Hello Pascal,

Please find attached the objects I am trying to Boolean difference. Trim the shingles with the roof shape. i do not get it... all the objects seem tight.

Thanks again, George


For some reason the full outline of the shingle intersection with the roof is not appearing when one runs _Intersect.  I don't know why this is but it could be the reason that the boolean operation doesn't work.  I couldn't find anything wrong with your geometry.  Hopefully Pascal will know what is going on.


Hi George- Hmmm - it is buggy... you can fix things, for now, like so:

1. Select all the shingly things.

2. Explode

3. ShrinkTrimmedSrf

4. Reparameterize > Automatic (all exploded surfaces selected)

5. Join

I'll try to figure out why some surfaces have odd ball parameterization. If you have the inputs to the shingles and a blow by blow as to how they were made, that would be a good starting point.




How I created this monster: I traced a background image for one of the shingles and made it a 3d object with good geometry. Then had to scale it down a lot to be the size I needed. I then copied the one to come up with all the rest. Do you think because the original was scaled down so much that caused some kind of problem?

Thanks ,George

Hi George- I was going to ask about scaling next- so yes, my guess is that has something to do with the goofy numbers. Do you by any chance have the original larger object? If so can you post it or send it to me?






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