So I need to boolean split about 40 1/4 x 1/4 objects from a larger mass and I've gotten about 37 done with no problem.  And a three of them are giving me trouble.  The first error I was getting was Nonmanifold edges detected and now I just get the boolean split failed.

I've attached the file.  The problem objects are the 3rd, 5th & 6th Extrusions from the top right on the box like mass when looking downwards.  The all have different lengths and for some reason I was able to boolean split one of them when it was longer??

Please help and let me know why this is happening.

Thank you,


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Hi JD- the object does have non-manifold edges - these are edges that have more than two surfaces attached- use ShowEdges > NonManifold radio button to see these. Boolean operations can have trouble deciding what is inside and what is outside when there are these types of edges since, well, there is no clear distinction at these locations. These edges occur in your model where the rectangular holes share edges- they should either overlap, or be separated by a small amount.




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