Commands that automatically go into the right layer

It would be really useful if key drafting commands like dimensions, text and leaders would automatically go into a predetermined layer like Dimensions and Text.  It would speed up the process of creating construction drawings from Rhino models if we didn't have to first go to the right layer before creating new drafting objects.

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You can do this by creating an alias. The following command would set your horizontal dimensions into a layer called “dimensions”. You can change the word “dimensions” to any layer name you want, and you can change _DIM_dimhorizontal_ to _DIM_dimvertical for vertical dimensions:

 !  _-Layer _Current "dimensions"  _Enter _DIM _dimhorizontal _enter


Go to Options/ Alias and choose a letter that hasn’t been assigned like, for example, “h” for a horizontal dimension or “v” for a vertical dimension. Then paste the above command and type h enter in to the command line. The layer “dimensions” will now become current, and the dimensions tool is activated.







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