I have recently experienced strange crashes with Dell precision M6500 laptop.

Screen goes totally off and I can´t do anything expect force shutdown by button.

I am not sure, but I suspect that Rhino 5 might be causing this, as everytime it happens,

I´m working with Rhino.

Never experienced anything like this and I´ve been using Rhino 8 years now. It could be a hardware issue also (graphics card). Is there any other reported issues that might help me?

Along this problem I can´t use Brazil for Rhino, because it says license manager can´t find the license. I already reinstalled it without effect. What can I do?


Sami Huuskonen

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I would first suggest that you update your graphics card drivers.  If that doesn't work, it's pretty certain that you have a faulty graphics card.

Brazil will fail to load due to the licence manager problem immediately after a crash, so that might be causing the Brazil problem too.



thank you for quick reply! I will try update the driver and see what happens.

I might need to reinstall Brazil once again. Probaply all data also needs to be cleaned (registry), not sure.

This is almost worst case scenario for me as I need to do many renderings for the many projects with tight schedule :(



Are you in Finland?  If so, which town?

 - Andy


yes in Finland, I live in Lahti city.

- Sami

OK - if you get the graphics card drivers updated and there's still a problem, I could look at your machine by remote control of that's OK.  I'm in Turku.  A drive to Lahti is a bit far ;)

Hi Andy,

I come back to you with this issue as our company It-department updated videocard driver and reinstalled both Rhino 5 and brazil 2.0 (64-bit) but still it says same thing: unable to communicate with the license manager. Brazil will not run...:(

Any ideas?



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