I'm trying to update a v4 plug-in to v5, and it's my 1st contact with the rhinocommon.

For starting I'm having a debug problem, that i can't find any solution.

It shows this message:

the breakpoint will not het hit. no symbols have been added to this document.

and if I try to run the command pluginmanager, rhino crashes and shows the message:

disconnected context was detected.

Thanks for any help


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Hi Correia,

> I'm trying to update a v4 plug-in to v5, and it's my 1st contact with the rhinocommon.

If you have a plug-in that works in V4, then it will work in V5. If your plug-in is written in C++, then it will run in 32-bit Rhino 5. If your plug-in was written using .NET (Rhino_DotNet), then it will run in both 32-bit and 64-bit Rhino 5.

The best way to get started using RhinoCommon is to first download and install the RhinoCommon templates for v5 .


This will allow you to quickly make a new RhinoCommon plug-in Visual Studio project that both builds and runs.

Regarding the errors you are seeing, I don't have other reporting this problem. So I will need more details about what you've done and how you are trying to debug your plug-in. Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce what you are seeing might be helpful.


 -- Dale

Hi Dale

Since I'm having the debug problem with the plug-in that I'm updating, I've started a new one using the VB Template RhinoCommon Plug-in. Still have the debug problem.

I've uninstalled and re-installed VB and Rhino... and still there.

I'm using VB express 2010. I'm wondering if I'm missing some configuration or something.


What are you setting as your debug target? Is should be Rhino.exe.

Note, the RhinoCommon templates for v5 does this for you automatically.

 -- Dale

Yes the template asks for it and it points to right path. If I start to debug (even a empty plug-in generated by the template), rhino will open as it should be, but vb says: the breakpoint will not be hit. no symbols have been added to this document. 

Can you post a screen capture of the message?

 -- Dale


I start the project using the template: IMAGE1 AND IMAGE2

Then I start to debug, it opens Rhino, but as you can see it does not point to my stop (IMAGE3). If I try to run the pluginmanager, to load the plug-in, rhino crashes.


Hi Correia,

The reason for the "Your breakpoint will not be hit..." is because your plug-in is not loaded.

Can you zip your plug-in project and email it to me?




Sure. Here it goes.


Hi Correia,

After resolving the path to RhinoCommom (my Rhino 5 is installed in a different folder than yours), your project built and loaded into Rhino 5 without error.

When Rhino is "crashing", what error message are you getting? Does Rhino's Crash dialog (that allows you to submit a crash dump) appear? 

 -- Dale

No it don't. It appears me this message from VB.

I notice from your screen shot that this is not the code that you sent me. What is the difference? Is your debug target the release version of Rhino?

This is not a normal issue, so there must be some information that you are not providing - make it hard for me to help.



It's just a simple code generated by the template. The result is exaclly the same, I mean, the error is the same, no matter what I try.



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