I have a command file for automating/batching some computations in rhino, during the process it modifies files, exports them as something else, opens plugins, etc.

As it should run on a remote computer, I need to be able to close rhino after batch is finished. Yet nor Rhino.Exit() from script nor -exit _Enter from command file does that (seemingly). And if I close it manually there are prompts for saving unsaved changes. It looks like, if the window doesn't have focus, exit command is processed but the Save changes... message box is not shown at all.

Is there a way to close rhino from script and ignore unsaved changes (maybe some startup option)?


Boris Zapotocky

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Hi Boris,

The only scripting way to have Rhino not save a modified document when closing is to call RhinoScript's DocumentModified method.


Something like this should do it:

_-RunScript ("Rhino.DocumentModified False")



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