I have closed curve exported to dwg file format but was not to be read as closed entity in Autocad program.

Did miss any setting in Rhino for dwg export?

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Hi Tom-  does Rhino read the object back in as a closed curve?



yes, it does.

Hi Tom,

I have tried several settings, but even with dwg export options set as in attached picture, closed curve in Rhino is translated to open polyline in acad:


yes, it would be nice having closed translated into cad as closed.

I agree!! I hope this can be solved!

Can you please export one of these poorly behaving curves and post the file? I have a couple ideas to try and I have an AutoCAD 2013 I can open the results in.


John Brock - Rhinoceros Tech Support
Seattle - USA

I drew a rectangle (a closed curve) in Rhino and exported to a dwg file. However CAD 2013 read this translated “rectangle” as unclosed 2d polyline.

When Jacek replied (see above), some of his comments not posted here but in my email that he said “To have closed polylines in acad you have to Rebuild the segmented curve in Rhino, but it makes sense only for curves without kinks.” That’s the answer, I would agree.



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