I’m exporting few close polysurfaces from rhino to solidworks, some of the objects becomes solid body and some are not.  

I'm trying to figure why some of the objects doesnt changed to solid body in solidworks.

Does anyone have advice about it?

I’ve tried all of the files types IGES, STP, XT…..



David E

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Hi David- please send me the model and I'll take a look. 



thanks for the answer :)

well, I've imported solid body to rhino and then exported it back to solidworks without changing it. still it turns to surfaces.

does it mean that i need to change settings in rhino or solidworks ?


David E

Hi David- if the object is solid in Rhino and you export via STEP or just a V4 rhino file, it shouuld also be solid in SW, tolerances permitting. If you export from Rhino via IGES, then in SW you may need to knit the surfaces together to get a solid. Not sure if that covers what you are seeing...



Thats exactly what I do, but strangely a week ago while exporting iges files, some of them become solid bodies (the good objects) and some are not (because of bad surfaces in objects, which is ok cause I knew which object need to be fixed)

later that week, all of the exports, including *.stp, turns to surfaces in solidworks. and I needed to kneet all the surfaces to solid body. a waste of time...

do you think it belong to the settings ? tolerances ?

Thanks again


Found the problem,

its in solidworks import settings ...

thank U.



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